• Shaka Nyorai - Sage of The Sakya Tribe


    Description Of Form
    His raised left hand represents that he is calling us to come to him in our search for salvation. His right hand rests palm open on his lap. He grasps his thumb with his four fingers, this position represents that the Buddha is holding on tightly to those who have come to him for protection. He is holding them tightly to himself, therefore, they will not wander away into error and danger.

    Purpose and Vow 
    Over 2500 years ago, a young prince was born in north India and his name was Gautama, Siddhartha (completed goal). His family belonged to the Sakya clan and when after his years of religious quest, he became Enlightened, he then came to be called the Sage (Muni) of the Sakya clan, or Sakyamuni. This is the title of the historic Buddha Sâkyamuni who was the founder of Buddhism.

    Early in life Siddhartha was impressed with the suffering of this world and with the suffering that we experience because of old age, sickness, and death. He left the householder?s life and searched out religious teachers who could teach him the meaning of life. For six years, Siddhartha practiced painful austerities but with no religious result. He discovered that self torture and total self-denial were useless in the search for understanding. Instead of attempting to totally control his body, he then began to control his mind. One morning while seated under a large Bodhi Tree, he attained supreme wisdom and understanding and became an awakened being, or Buddha. After his enlightenment experience, he devoted the rest of his life to wandering from place to place, preaching to all who would listen to him. The Buddha died at age eighty.

    Nômaku Sammanda bodanan baku (Jpn.)

    Namah samanta-buddhânâm bhah (Skt.)

    Homage to all the Buddhas! bhah

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