Alfred Albrizio III started making jewelry as a young man in 1994 at his family’s landmark store C'est Magnifique.  Following the footsteps of his father Alfred Albrizio Jr. and great uncle Alfonso Albrizio he demonstrated a natural talent for design and fabrication of custom jewelry.  Developing his skills in an incredibly artistic environment, Alfred III soon became indispensable to the business.  

Alfonso Albrizio opened C'est Magnifique in 1959 and it quickly became one of the most famous jewelry stores in NYC.  Early on he created imaginative costume jewelry for actors and other artisans.  When Alfred’s father joined Alfonso C'est Magnifique’s focus turned to sterling silver jewelry with an edge.  Appealing to world renowned rockstars, actors and artists, their designs became iconic within the artistic community of Greenwich Village and as far as Hollywood and Paris.  Johnny Depp, Iggy Pop and Madonna are just a few of the celebrities who frequented C'est Magnifique and made it not only a jewelry store but a hangout for it’s extraordinarily talented customers and friends.  

Learning technique from his father and drawing inspiration from this incredible environment Alfred Albrizio III quickly became a master of his craft.  His passion for tattoo art and skulls can be found in many of his unique creations.  Alfred’s clientele is as diverse and eccentric as his art, because he has the amazing ability to make jewelry that is both elegant and outrageous.  

Sadly in the summer of 2014, shortly after the passing of Alfred Albrizio Jr., the brick and mortar of C'est Magnifique was closed. Alfred Albrizio was able to create an heir to C'est Magnifique in a private studio where he continues to create small masterpieces for a devoted clientele around the world.