Sterling Silver Skull Ring Options

Do you want to show off your unique sense of style with the perfect sterling silver skull ring? Alfred Albrizio Inc has the selection you need to find the perfect ring. From simple skulls to hand-engraved pieces, we have a ring for every budget, every style, and every statement that you want to make.

Find Your Perfect Silver Skull Ring

We love creating custom rings for every wearer. As you can see when you scroll down and look at our products, we take pride in creating a wide range of skull rings to suit our buyers. Choose the liberty skull ring to show off your patriotism, the skull chief with bearskin ring to show off your heritage, or the skull crest ring with swords to stand out from the crowd.

Trust Our Years of Experience

We're not just another jeweler offering novelty rings. Our business started out in 1959 as C'est Magnifique, where we designed and fabricated beautiful, unique jewelry. Alfred Albrizio lll started working at the family store in 1994, and when the store closed in 2014, he created a private studio to continue his family's legacy of creating beautiful jewelry for his devoted clientele.

Scroll up and choose which skull ring is right for you. Feel free to contact us with any questions.