• Seishi Bosatsu - Bodhisattva Who Proceeds With Vigor


    Description Of Form 
    He holds a lotus blossom in his left hand, and his right hand represents the vigorous energy that can make the flower bloom. This also expresses a posture in which the Buddha uses this Bodhisattva to lead people to an actual salvation in this world and awaken the Buddha nature and Buddha wisdom in people.

    Purpose and Vow
    Amongst the Thirteen Buddhas, Mahâsthâmaprâpta Bodhisattva is least known by people. From ancient times Seishi was spoken of along with Avalokitesvara as the pair of attendants accompanying Amida. In contrast to Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, who is the deity of compassion, Mahâsthâmaprâpta Boddhisattva is a buddha offering wisdom. 

    Mahâsthâmaprâpta uses his great vigor of wisdom to awaken the Buddha nature and Buddha wisdom that are in everyone and make them proceed to enlightenment. That is the origins of the name Seishi. The Sutra on the Meditation on Eternal Life explains his vow as one in which he will "illuminate everything with the light of his wisdom, keep people away from the Three Evil Paths of Transmigration, and make them attain unsurpassed power. That is why he is called Daiseishi, "He Who Proceeds With Great Vigor."

    The Three Evil Paths of Transmigration, popularly referred to as the River of the Three Paths, are the worlds of suffering and delusion of hell, hungry ghosts, and beasts marked by fire, blood, and knives. It is the power of Seishi that can destroy these worlds of delusion with the strength of wisdom, make people enter the path of the Buddha, and cause them to proceed to enlightenment.

    On san zan zan saku sowaka (Jpn.)

    Om sam jam jam sah svâhâ (Skt.)

    Om may defilements be removed svâhâ 

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