• Monju Bosatsu - Bodhisattva of Beautiful Splendor


    Description Of Form
    Mañjusri Bodhisattva (Monju) holds in his left hand a sutra by which he dispenses wisdom to people, and in his right hand holds a sword for cutting off delusion. He sometimes rides on a lion, which is called the king of a hundred animals, and this expresses how he lives grandly with a powerful and correct wisdom.

    Purpose and Vow
    There is an old saying that the wisdom of Mañjusri (Monju) lies in putting together three heads, which are better than one. The figure of Mañjusrii (Monju) Bodhisattva is greatly endowed with wisdom, and in his right hand he holds the scriptures that confer that wisdom, while he also holds a sword that can cut off delusion. Bodhisattva refers to a living person who seeks enlightenment. In reality, the Bodhisattva practices Buddhism in society and is a buddha that acts on behalf of the Nyorai in saving people. Mañjusri (Monju) Bodhisattva cuts off the mistaken ideas of the world as well as evil thoughts and actions, corrects the ignorance and delusions of people, dispenses true wisdom, and delivers joy to human society.

    On a rahashanô (Jpn.)

    Om ara pa ca na (Skt.)

    Om a ra pa ca na 

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